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Trustbuilding Awards 2024

Open Now!


Initiatives of Change is thrilled to announce that applications/ nominations are open for the IofC Trustbuilding Awards 2024!

In this second year of hosting the awards, IofC seeks to raise the profile of individuals and organizations around the world that are working to end violence and inequality by bridging polarized groups, healing historical wounds and fostering trusting relationships in communities. Applications are now open for three awards: Trustbuilding Award of the Year, Young Trustbuilder of the Year and Lifetime Achiever*. All awards are self-nominated except for the Lifetime Achiever award. The deadline for submitting applications is 1 April 2024. 

Recipients of the three trustbuilding awards will have the opportunity to amplify their work and impact on a global stage; join an international network of trustbuilders, learning best practices in the field with an opportunity for sharing, reflection and knowledge transfer; and gain international recognition for their efforts.  

Previous award recipients have worked in the Lebanese education system and citizenship education; socio-political engagement of young people, women's empowerment and participatory advocacy for the reduction of violence in the African Great Lakes region and the Sahel zone; and a women-led global network that works to build resilient and hospitable communities. 

Eligible candidates will have a track record of trustbuilding work that fosters social cohesion and inclusive societies; commitment to bridging polarized groups through building relationships of trust; trustbuilding related work that has proven impact and has led to tangible results; and evidence of innovation and creativity in the trustbuilding work. A full description of criteria, application process and frequently asked questions is available on the IofC website.   

The IofC Trustbuilding Awards is an initiative of the award-winning IofC Trustbuilding Program (TBP), a program that helps communities in conflict reconcile and create lasting peace from the ground up. The TBP has 12 national-level teams across four continents, and, to date, the program has reached more than 16,000 people. In 2021 the TBP received the prestigious United Nations Intercultural Innovation Award. 

* - This award is by nominations only.