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IofC Trustbuilding Awards

Applications Details and Process


The IofC Trustbuilding Awards aim to recognize, encourage and raise the profile of the outstanding individuals/ organizations, promote youth efforts in building trust and thus raise the standards of ‘trustbuilders’ around the world.

--- 2024 Applications are now closed! ---



The IofC Trustbuilding Awards recognize individuals and organizations that have done outstanding work in the area of trustbuilding.

The aims of the Awards are to:
  • Recognize, encourage and raise the profile of the outstanding individuals/ organizations; 
  • Promote youth efforts in building trust;
  • Encourage and thus raise the standards of ‘trustbuilders’ around the world.
Three awards will be given: 
  1. Trustbuilding Award of the Year (individual/ organization) 
  2. Young Trustbuilder of the Year (individuals below 30 years old) 
  3. Lifetime Achiever* (individuals; * - by nominations only)



This is a great opportunity to:

  1. Highlight the importance of your work and give visibility to your achievements and impact
  2. Be part of an international network of trustbuilders, learning best practices in the field with an opportunity for sharing, reflection and knowledge transfer
  3. Gain international recognition for your efforts 
  1. New Deadline! Applications will be accepted until 15 April 2024, 11:59pm US EDT.
  2. A jury of international experts will select the winning entries.
  3. Shortlisted applications will be requested for further information or called for an interview.

Please submit your application/ nomination online by clicking the respective link


To be eligible, you must:

  1. Be working in trustbuilding and be either a trustbuilding or related organization or have trustbuilding/ bridging divides as a substantial element of your work;
  2. Align with IofC’s values and ethos.

There is no geographical or age restrictions, except for the Young Trustbuilder of the Year Award.



Standard criteria for all awards

  • Track record of trustbuilding work that fosters social cohesion and inclusive societies 
  • Commitment to bridging polarized groups through building relationships of trust  
  • Trustbuilding related work has proven impact and has led to tangible results   
  • Evidence of innovation and creativity in the trustbuilding work  

Specific criteria for each award

  • Demonstrates exceptional leadership through their vision in the pursuit of building trust. 
  • Evidence of the trustbuilding work being sustained. 

Candidates for this award can self-nominate or be nominated by others.

  • Must be below 30 years old  
  • Demonstrates outstanding service and leadership in the field of trustbuilding or related work and has earned the respect of others. 
  • Has inspired other young people in the work of trustbuilding.

Candidates for this award can self-nominate or be nominated by others.

  • Long-term passion for trustbuilding is evident; must have at least 20 years of exceptional leadership and depth of service in trustbuilding related work. This award is for lifetime achievement rather than a single contribution. 
  • Have made a major contribution to trustbuilding through the course of their career. 
  • Displayed willingness to adapt and evolve over time within the trustbuilding field. Showed a dedication to learn and remain flexible in their approach to trustbuilding over the years. 

* This award is by nominations only.


We are seeking sponsorship as we would like to support the awardees to make as big an impact with their work as possible. If you would like information on sponsoring an award, please get in touch.



If you have any questions, please contact us by email


Initiatives of Change (IofC) has been working in the field of trustbuilding decades. In 2019, the award-winning international Trustbuilding Program was launched, it is now active in 12 countries. The program aims to rebuild trust in communities, and has created a movement of trustbuilders, both inside and outside of IofC. 

Initiatives of Change believes that the world can change for the good, as individuals embark on a journey of personal change that leads to societal change. Building trust, bridging divides, and fostering social cohesion and inclusive societies are critical in today’s world, and are the cornerstone of IofC’s work.

Learn more about the IofC Trustbuilding work