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CF2023 Winners TB Awards

TB Awards 2023 Winners

Celebrate with us the winners of the 2023 IofC Trustbuilding Awards!


On 22 July 2023, during a festive ceremony in Caux, Switzerand, Initiatives of Change announced the winners of three awards:

Trustbuilding Award of the Year, Young Trustbuilder of the Year and Lifetime Achiever.


We celebrate three outstanding individuals, each of whom has made significant contributions to the field of Trustbuilding and have demonstrated exceptional skill, passion, and commitment to their work. 


Trustbuilding Award of the Year

Wadiaa Khoury / Teachers Agents of Social Change, Lebanon

Wadiaa is Associate Professor at the Faculties of Education of the Lebanese University and Universite Saint-Joseph. Her teaching and research focus on the Lebanese education system and citizenship education.

Through her work with Initiatives of Change she has studied the education system of more than 20 countries and observed their approaches to citizenship education.

She initiated the Teachers Agents of Social Change (TASC) in Lebanon. Her aim is to empower educators and help them discover their agency in shaping national policy, rather than suffering the consequences of the poor governance that has led the country into despair. 

Young Trustbuilder Award of the Year 

Mumbere Sivihwa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Mumbere is a professional dedicated to results-oriented leadership. His area of expertise is the management and administration of peace, governance, security, and sustainable development projects.

He has extensive experience in the process of socio-political engagement of young people, women's empowerment and participatory advocacy for the reduction of violence in the African Great Lakes region and the Sahel zone. He is currently Executive Director of the non-governmental organization JAMAA Great Lakes (JGL) active on issues of peacebuilding, mediation, inclusive governance, and participatory democracy in the Great Lakes region.

Sivihwa has worked with regional, national organizations and local structures of African civil societies including, universities, associations, social movements, media, unions, etc. His work is constantly based on these words of Nelson Mandela “Take it upon yourself, wherever you live, to give joy and hope to those around you”.


Lifetime Achiever Award

Jean Brown, Australia

Jean Brown is the President of the International Committee of Creators of Peace, a women-led global network which works to build resilient and hospitable communities.
As a young woman Jean intended to study medicine, but chose instead to devote herself to Initiatives of Change.

She has done this work full time for five decades, including many years in India and the US, pioneering projects such as the leadership programme Action for Life in India, and working with gang members in Los Angeles. 

Jean has made several visits to South Sudan to support reconciliation initiatives there. She has been involved with Creators of Peace since its earliest days and designed its main tool, Creators of Peace Circles, which have taken place in over 50 countries on six continents over the last 25 years.

In Australia, Jean has been active in many initiatives to advance reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. She is an inspiring teacher and trainer, introducing many to the joys and challenges of spiritual life. Above all, Jean has been a treasured friend to countless people.

The Inititatives of Change Trustbuilding Awards is an annual event that aims to recognize, encourage and raise the profile of the outstanding individuals/ organizations, promote youth efforts in building trust and thus raise the standards of ‘trustbuilders’ around the world. 

Learn more about the IofC Trustbuilding Awards and Application Process by following this link