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Creators of Peace

Creators of Peace transforms, empowers and engages women in peace creation

Empowering women to become peace leaders. 

Approximately 80% of today’s civilian casualties are women. - UN Report on ‘Women, Peace and Security’

Creators of Peace (CoP) believes women can be catalysts for peace in their homes, workplace and community. Together, they challenge divisive thinking, shift cultural dialogue and work to end cycles of conflict. We give others permission to do the same, creating a ripple effect of peace on a personal, community and global level.

How Creators of Peace Works

South Asian woman in sari and white woman in blue tee-shirt stand shoulder to shoulder and smile at the camera
We inspire women at every level of society.

Our Peace Circles provide women with tools to find their role in building peace and developing resilience.

Two South Asian women sit cross-legged in a small room to speak
We build meaningful networks across multiple divides.

When women from diverse backgrounds come together in an atmosphere of trust, old prejudices and divisions are more easily overcome. 

Elderly white woman holds a brightly colored poster for an elderly BIPOC woman with headscarf to reacd
We advocate for new narratives focused on a shared humanity.

With the world stuck in old stories of fear, we advocate for new stories that foster a change of heart, build reconciliation and a healing of history.


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Years of Change

Read More About the Work of Creators of Peace

Sharing our joy in celebrating 20 years of Creators of Peace Circles!
'I came away much more aware of the narratives about myself and others which I have been living out of.'
Black females of various ages touch fingertips in a circle
Find out more about our global work and learn how to get involved.

What Can I Do?

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Passionate about making a difference? Contribute your time and talents!
Black females of various ages touch fingertips in a circle
Follow us on Facebook and share the latest information.
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Every contribution goes towards accelerating our impact.


When women are empowered their entire community benefits. Through story sharing, building trust, and looking within, women find their pathway to being creators of peace. 

Creators of Peace (CoP) is a global network of people on each continent making a difference - inspired by their participation in Creators of Peace Circles, conferences, dialogues and other CoP initiatives. For peace to be meaningful it must be inclusive, but it often isn’t. When we raise women’s voices everyone benefits.
CoP women have taken peace into their own hands in a myriad of ways. We’ve seen tribes in Kenya settle longstanding, generational differences. Victims in Burundi reconcile with their perpetrators. Families in Lebanon and Syria invite each other into their homes for the first time. Women in Australia  bring a sense of  belonging to refugees in local communities. Young women with limited options find the confidence to become leaders in South Africa. Political leaders in Nepal reach across divides to those they’d been at war with.

Advocates for A New Story

This is a five session conversation series for a group to explore the dominant narratives in the world and in their own lives. These conversation circles are for building trust and community - anyone is welcome to host.

Download the guide here or email us for more information.


Peace Circles

A gathering of 10-12 (usually women) and a trained facilitator who engage in story sharing, dialogue, reflection, and social action. You can email us to locate your nearest Peace Circle and to learn more!

International Committee - Role and Portfolio

Jean Brown - President

Elizabeth Laskar – Secretary & People Care 

Miranda Shaw – Treasurer & People Care 

Erika Lizbeth Vega Anaya – Project Management & Accountability 

Marienne Makoudem Tene – Capacity Building 

Rukmini Iyer – Internal Governance 

Deeya Nambiar – Communications 


Regional and national coordinators support our country networks. 


Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Goal 16: Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies


We collaborate with policy, advocacy, and women’s rights on gender and peace building and partner with local government, universities, development organizations, businesses, embassies and community groups.