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Four Indonesian youth sit in front of a stone statue surrounded by lush greenery, talking
Four Indonesian youth sit in front of a stone statue surrounded by lush greenery, talking


Countering religious extremism and radicalisation by building trust between Christian and Muslim youth. 


Indonesia faces increased intolerance and divides among people of different religions and ethnicities and the threat of violent extremism. The trustbuilding work in Indonesia aims to inspire mutual trust and understanding to increase social cohesion and avoid radicalisation. 

Why is trust needed? 

Indonesia has been struggling with religious extremism for decades. An extreme form of intolerance has been seen in recent terrorist attacks where sympathisers of ISIL have carried out incidents. Around 700 Indonesians have joined ISIL in Syria, some of whom have returned to Indonesia. 

Despite these threats, Indonesian democracy has made impressive progress, which must be maintained toward its national election in 2024. This makes it a strategically relevant moment to put extra energy into working with young people and counter the trend of increased intolerance and extremism. 

How is trust built?

Indonesian male smiles at the camera and gives a thumbs up
Mobilizing young leaders

The project brings together youth interfaith communities. Through workshops and trustbuilding camps, young people get inspired to overcome their differences which empowers them to advocate for positive change. 

Developing tools for trustbuilding

Custom-designed tools, such as board games, are developed to integrate trustbuilding principles in playful ways to build trustful connections.

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Project Manager   

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