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Closing the cultural gap between rural and urban youth by developing mutual understanding. 


Inequalities exist between rural and urban communities in India. The trustbuilding project aims to create understanding and appreciation among urban and rural youth by focusing on their interconnectedness. Through sensitisation of urban youth and educators, they learn how their choices and actions impact the rural population. 

Why is trust needed? 

There are growing disparities between urban and rural populations. Resources and opportunities are skewed primarily toward the urban group. Privileges enjoyed by the urban population add to the challenges faced by the rural group, thereby creating fertile ground for future conflict.   

How is trust built?

Fostering mutual respect and friendship

To diminish differences and instead celebrate similarities between urban and rural youth, outreach activities and workshops are organised on various topics, e.g. gender roles, class privileges, sustainability and use of resources. Attention is brought to the diversity of lived experiences that helps to create awareness about the different contexts of urban and rural landscapes.   

Connecting urban and rural educators

Teachers who are aware of the urban-rural divide become trustbuilders. Through workshops and outreach activities between urban and rural educators and their students, they work towards decreasing the divide between the two groups.

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