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Offering disillusioned French youth an alternative to radicalisation and inspiring them to become active citizens. 


A deep distrust among youth in the suburbs of French cities is increasingly leading to radicalization. Our trustbuilding work aims to integrate and prevent further radicalisation of French youth through workshops and civic initiatives. 

Why is trust needed? 

Many young people suffer from identity crises, frustration with the education system, and difficulty imagining their future. They do not feel accepted and respected by French society. This lack of belonging causes a negative ripple effect in the community.   

At the end of 2005, youth violence exploded in France, which lasted several weeks. Since then, the desire to confront society has led to a dramatic increase in radicalisation, with hundreds of young people who have left France to join Daesh/ISIL in Syria. 

How is trust built?

Black female youth smiles and reaches out to the camera
Empowering youth as citizens

Each workshop cycle in a school ends with a civic project as a way for young people to add value to their local community. 

French youth listen to a facilitator speak outdoors
Establishing trust between youth and authorities

There is tension between youth and authority figures such as police in migrant and low-income communities in Paris. Through open dialogues, mutual understanding is created.

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Frédéric Chavanne 
Project Designer 

Nathalie Chavanne 

Christian Demesy 
Head of Project 

Pierre Speldooren 
Project Coordinator 

Other Contributors 

Naïla Gauthier 
Facilitator - Les mamans du Coeur 

Jonathan Levy 
Pedagogy Advisor