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Discrimination and racism are taboo topics in Quebec’ society. Our trustbuilding work focuses on people willing to face these issues that feed targeted divides.

Indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians work together on a large poster board image

Why is trust needed? 

The province of Quebec is a microcosm of the wider Canada, with the added complexity of issues such as identity, nationalism, linguistic difference, illegal immigration, religious tensions, and the long-standing history of oppression and colonization of Canada’s First Peoples. 

How Europeans have treated First Nations Peoples since their arrival has left negative impacts on people that are then transferred from generation to generation. The deep wounds inflicted are still a source of social stigmas and strained relationships resulting in increased systemic marginalization of the Indigenous Peoples. 

How is trust built?

Indigenous Canadian woman, wearing blue tunic and orange headband, speaks before a crowd
Providing safe space for honest dialogue

We create the environment for honest conversations on the root causes of discrimination in Quebec. 

Black woman with pinned up dreadlocs and blue scarf speaks before a crowd
Training and building networks of change agents

Dedicated individuals are trained to become community trustbuilders with a deep understanding of historical and socio-political realities underlying the current society. 

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Firyal Mohamed 
Board Member IofC Canada  

Joseph Vumiliya 
Project Manager