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Our Team

The building blocks of IofC’s vision and action are thousands of individuals around the world who live out its mission and message


The International Council is the governing body of IofC and provides the overall leadership in line with the goals of Initiatives of Change International and the decisions of the annual Global Assembly. The Council is made up of nine to eleven members including the President.

The Management Team consists of staff and volunteers who are engaged by IofC International to oversee daily activities in areas of Communications, Training, Partnerships, Finance, Knowledge Management and operational support. It is led by the Executive Director and its activities are governed by the International Council.

The Regional Coordination Groups are teams who facilitate and support local, national and regional initiatives and cooperation in:


Imad Karam
Executive Director
Alena Vasilyeva
Executive Assistant
Steven Greisdorf
Steven Greisdorf
Secretary of IofC International
Igor Ene
Communications Manager
Talia Smith
Trustbuilding Program Manager
Christoph Spreng
IofC International Representative to the Council of Europe
Manon Monhemius
Trustbuilding Program Communications Officer
Emma Tozer
Emma Tozer
Content Coordinator
Killy Sanchez
International Webmaster
Anne Rufaida
Brand Officer
Ulrike Ott Chanu
Webmaster German Language
Mary Lean
Nahom Haile
Graphic Designer