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Celebrating our award


On Tuesday 30 November we celebrated IofC receiving the Intercultural Innovation Award 2021 during a Zoom gathering, hosted by IofC’s Executive Director Imad Karam.

Current President Suresh Vazirani opened the evening by welcoming the 87 people who joined virtually. He highlighted how special it is that IofC is one of the Intercultural Innovation awardees, chosen from over a thousand applications!

We looked back on the celebratory event that took place in Dubai, making everyone feel part of the award ceremony the week before:

After watching the video from the ceremony, the Trustbuilding Program’s Communication’s Manager Manon Michelle Monhemius interviewed Trustbuilding Program Manager Talia Smith, who travelled to Dubai to receive the award, about what this award means for the Program, how the Program was able to win  in just the second year of the program, and how IofC values are an integral part of the team’s trustbuilding work.

Different trustbuilding team members recorded videos explaining what being part of the Trustbuilding Program means for them, their team, and their local trustbuilding efforts.

After a round of questions from the audience about the award and the Trustbuilding Program, the four new teams to take part in the Program in 2022 were announced: Burundi, India, Nigeria and Ukraine. Congratulations, teams!

Suresh then introduced his successor, Gerald Pillay, who expressed his excitement about being the new President and how critical the Trustbuilding Program is to creating awareness of Initiatives of Change’s work in the world.

Gerald, Suresh, and Imad all stressed the importance of donating towards Initiatives of Change International and the Trustbuilding Program, since financial sustainability is still a challenge. An American foundation will give IofC $25,000 if we raise an additional $50,000 from other sources: all gifts to IofC International count toward this match!  You can make your donation here.

Mr. Tanaka, Cleo Mohlaodi and Mike Brown shared why they decided to make a financial contribution towards IofC.

We are very grateful for your kind words during the celebration and your continued support in dedicating time and resources to Initiatives of Change. We can’t wait to bring the Trustbuilding Program to even greater heights in 2022!