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Integrity in Public Life_Event_CF-2023
Integrity in Public Life_Event_CF-2023

Trust and Integrity in Democracy

Caux Forum

23 - 26 July 2023

In countries across the world operating diverse forms of governance, including those adopting democratic principles, there seems to be increasing evidence of a decline in the trustworthiness and integrity of those holding official roles.

Pressures associated with current global challenges, such as the Covid pandemic, seem to be accelerating and exacerbating this decline.

Trustworthiness, tolerance, and transparency are key to supporting the revival of good governance and integrity in public Life. These are easy to advocate but so much harder to personally embrace and embody in practice, in social and institutional settings.

How can we see a resurgence of trust in our political systems?

And what can ordinary citizens do to reverse this trend and strengthen democracy in their respective countries?


Join us on 23 - 26 JULY, 2023

in Caux Switzerland!


Participants are asked to arrive from 2.00pm on Sunday 23 July in time for the introductory session after dinner. The forum will end at 6.30pm on Wednesday 26 July.

This forum will provide a stretching yet compassionate community context in which individual introspection and collective inquiry can support radical dialogue and mutual contextual learning.

It will create a supportive, compassionate context in which participants can engage in  courageous, honest conversation – paving the way for re-establishing trustworthiness, tolerance and transparency.

Each day, some elements of the Caux Forum will be made available online.

Interested? Keep an eye on our upcoming communications and watch this space as we keep updating this event page with information about guest speakers, programme details, registration, etc.

The rates for participation are still being worked out, and will soon be announced.

Global Indigenous Dialogue, Creators of Peace and IofC’s Trustbuilding Program.

For further information, please get in touch by email at:


Caux, high above Montreux overlooking the Lake of Geneva, is the site of the Swiss Initiatives of Change conference centre. Initiatives of Change International is hosting the Caux Forum in cooperation with Initiatives of Change Switzerland.