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Caux Forum 2023

Welcome to our international event in Switzerland!

Registrations open on 31 March!

Join the CAUX FORUM 2023

to unlock your potential and connect with other changemakers


Our events, trainings and dialogues, aim to inspire, equip and connect individuals, groups and organizations so that they can build a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

Participants are drawn from civil society, government and business to a safe space of trust, care, solidarity and respect which provides them with the opportunity to discuss openly and in-depth issues that matter.

We look forward to greeting You in Caux!

Official Day
Opening Ceremony
18 July 2023, 10:00-12:00 CEST
Caux, Switzerland

A panel discussion considering the key challenges facing community trust-building and where we can find hope.

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Healing the Wounds of the Past Event photo
Forum Event
Healing the Wounds of the Past
17 – 22 July 2023
Caux, Switzerland

After decades in which conflict has gradually reduced around the world, the tide has turned. Conflict is increasing. 

This forum will focus on a fundamental cause of this trend: the broken relationships caused by unhealed wounds of the past – personal, national and international.

Who is this event for?

This forum will focus on the experiences of people from all continents and many cultures. It will offer an opportunity to learn from each other, and from quiet reflection amidst the beauty of Caux’s setting.

Through trainings, plenaries, workshops and dialogues, it aims to equip participants to contribute to peace and human security by fostering:

• A greater understanding of the impact of historical wounds

• Heightened skills in dialogue facilitation, conflict transformation, trauma awareness and story-sharing

• Learning from personal experiences of healing past wounds and building trust.

Integrity in Public Life_Event_CF-2023
Forum Event
Trust and Integrity in Democracy
23 – 26 July 2023
Caux, Switzerland

In the 1990s democracy was advancing across the world. Today democracy is regressing and authoritarian regimes are gaining ground.

The 2022 World Justice Project Index finds that the rule of law has declined globally for the fifth year in a row.

Many of our leaders are undermining democratic values...

Who is this event for?

Democracy thrives through people who work for integrity and inclusivity, who resolve conflict, who build trust across sectors and at all levels of society.

This forum is for those who want to discover how to help their countries respond effectively to internal and global challenges.

How can we see a resurgence of trust in our political systems? And what can ordinary citizens do to reverse this trend and strengthen democracy in their respective countries? 


We are raising $100,000 to subsidize the volunteers who will fulfill vital roles in the Forum, and bring the people, especially from conflict regions, whose participation will enable Caux to make its unique contribution to global wellbeing.

This is no small task, and we welcome all who can help towards this target. 

Donations, however small, add up.

Whatever you can contribute will be well used and help us make the Forum a success.

Please use any of the quick links below to make a donation today!

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