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The IofC Trustbuilding Awards aim to recognize, encourage and raise the profile of the outstanding individuals/ organizations, promote youth efforts in building trust and thus raise the standards of 'trustbuilders' around the world.

The first edition of the Trustbuilding Awards took place on 2023 and three winners were celebrated during the festive Award Ceremony held on 22 July in Caux, Switzerland.

2024 Applications for IofC Trustbuilding Awards are OPEN!

We are excited to announce that we are accepting applications/ nominations for the 2024 IofC Trustbuilding Awards.

Three awards will be given:

  1. Trustbuilding Award of the Year (individual/ organization)
  2. Young Trustbuilder of the Year (individuals below 30 years old)
  3. Lifetime Achiever* (individuals; * - by nominations only)

Learn more about the application process, deadline, as well as the benefits, and selection criteria by clicking the link below.


We are seeking sponsorship as we would like to support the awardees to make as big an impact with their work as possible. If you would like information on sponsoring an award, please get in touch.

Initiatives of Change (IofC) has been working in the field of trustbuilding decades. In 2019, the award-winning international Trustbuilding Program was launched, it is now active in 12 countries. The program aims to rebuild trust in communities, and has created a movement of trustbuilders, both inside and outside of IofC. 

Initiatives of Change believes that the world can change for the good, as individuals embark on a journey of personal change that leads to societal change. Building trust, bridging divides, and fostering social cohesion and inclusive societies are critical in today’s world, and are the cornerstone of IofC’s work.

Learn more about the IofC Trustbuilding work